Disney has an unbelievably rich history of innovation — turning the unimaginable into the incredible. That spirit is exactly why I joined the company…and I know that’s true for many of my colleagues.

Last week, we tapped into this spirit by hosting the first-ever Disney Platform Technology Showcase; giving our advertising clients and marketers an inside look at how Disney is leveraging data and technology to accelerate their businesses.

Consumers’ needs continue to evolve, and they want more choice, flexibility, and control in all aspects of their lives, especially in how they consume media. Marketers share that sentiment, and in response, seek out media partners who connect them with their audiences in impactful, personalized ways. And nobody does that like Disney.

Amplifying our continued commitment to enhanced data and technology, here are the four areas we’re making bold investments in:


Uniting our businesses and our ad platforms across linear, streaming, digital, and social enables the most creative, effective, and frictionless cross-portfolio ad solutions for our partners.


The value of first party data has never been greater – and marketers are craving solutions that deliver measurable impact for their brand. Our commitment to enhancing our Disney Advertising Audience Graph has poised us for resilience no matter the change in landscape. With that, we’re thrilled to introduce Disney Select to the market.

Disney Select leverages our proprietary DAS Audience Graph and pulls all first-party data and advanced modeling capabilities under one umbrella. The data is enriched and modeled for maximum scale and can be utilized to target across the Disney portfolio, inclusive of Hulu. Marketers can now choose their desired audiences from our extensive library of first-party segments based on behaviors, interests, affinities and intent to drive incredible results.


We’re building for an addressable-led, fully automated future across linear and digital – and we continue to invest in flexible buying solutions for advertisers. This not only benefits large and established brand partners, but also emerging brands and small-to-medium size business (SMBs). We’re working to make advertising more accessible and effective for all – and Disney’s programmatic and self-service offerings are two areas of the business where we have seen tremendous growth.

On the programmatic side, we’ve accelerated our offerings to meet the needs of our clients. By 2024, we anticipate programmatic buys to account for up to 50% of our addressable revenue – further proving our commitment to automation. More importantly, Disney’s programmatic deals get equal view within our ad server. Buyers have access to our inventory in real-time, and at a volume they’ve never had before. Couple this access with the best content in the world, and you’ll see that Disney Programmatic is the ultimate solutions offering.

And when it comes to self-service offerings in the streaming TV space, Disney is blazing that trail with Hulu Ad Manager – a platform that unlocks access to Hulu’s premium content and ad environment for brands of all sizes. In under a year, we’ve partnered with over 700 SMBs and launched over 1,700 campaigns. These are brands who have never had the ability to take advantage of a company, and portfolio, like Disney’s. The power of this platform is a real game changer.


Disney fundamentally believes that a less disruptive, more relevant ad experience for consumers leads to a better return for advertisers. GatewayGo, our newest ad product, is a reflection of that. This innovative ad couples Hulu’s traditional living room video ads with action-oriented prompts and personalized offers, helping brands get closer to their conversion goals with streaming TV. We’ll be extending this transactional capability to other Disney Advertising products in the coming months.

When you look at the current media landscape, Disney sits at an unrivaled position. We are investing boldly into data and technology advancements across a unified platform that puts brands front-and-center, alongside Disney’s award-winning content. Couple this with Disney’s unparalleled reach — 93% of persons 18-49 in the US — and you’ve got an unmatched opportunity for marketers to break through.

There are real, actionable ways that you can harness the power of the Disney Platform. We are driving the cultural conversation, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and delivering measurable impact for consumers and partners alike. We look forward to working together.

Rooted in Legacy. Focused on Tomorrow.

Rooted in Legacy.
Focused on Tomorrow.

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